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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

A 4-Tier corporation created to "awaken" your God-given talents:

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"Let's Keep it Real..."

Have you ever experienced a business or an organization that provided horrible customer service which caused you to walk away, shake your head, and wonder: "how did that person ever get that job or position"? This is probably a very common experience no matter what the setting. It could have happened at a school, a retail business, or even at a church. The question is not about the service, but refers to personalities. Not every personality fits in every position.

Understanding why people may be working or serving in the wrong position is not too difficult to determine. A short explanation to this topic is this: some people are naturally more gifted to be task-oriented while others may be more gifted at being people-oriented. Then you have some who are both task-oriented and people-oriented. Simple enough to understand. But the question should be how to place the right people in the right positions so that they are more of an asset and not a hindrance.

Lets keep it real... this may require work on those designated to place people in positions. For positions such as volunteer positions, it may require more work than what someone may be willing or able to do. There is a "pay now or pay later" philosophy in this. The time up front to assess personalities and fit may not be available when the position requires an immediate worker. But keeping it real... does any organization want to experience hardships and unnecessary problems down the road? I want to emphasize the word: "unnecessary".

Taking shortcuts in business is an absolute NO NO. Taking shortcuts is a sure signal of a failure some where down the road, no matter how long that road may take. This blog is titled "lets keep it real..." for a reason. If you are in an environment where those around you seem to be falling short on how they provide services, how they relate to others, or even how well they function, the shortcoming may not be them personally, but it could be they were placed in a position that is not a great fit for their skills and their personality.

Task-oriented people are excellent in following up on things, they are attentive to details, reliable and dependable to make sure that the necessary 'work' gets done; they can lead and direct others on what is required to complete a task or a job, but they may not be good at communicating it. They tend to be thorough with proofing, organizing, finding and correcting errors, and making sure everything is in order. These may fall into the category of 'hard skills'. They may appear to be critical, perhaps straight-to-the-point in dialogue, and emotionally detached from others when work is involved mainly because they have strong multi-tasking capabilities. These are excellent professional skills and every organization needs a task-oriented person.

The people-oriented worker may possess all the above qualities, but their strengths lie in their ability to communicate and develop relationships with others as they are 'team' minded. They possess excellent intrapersonal and interpersonal skills (e.g., soft skills). They enjoy communicating, providing information, leading, teaching, training, building cooperation, and amicable comrade among others. Solving problems include the consideration of people along with the task. They are other people minded as opposed to task completion minded; they may approach a task wondering who is best to complete the task.

Keeping it real means that I should not have to tell you which one fits best in what position because you know your organization better than I do. But if anyone is falling short at what he or she is required to do, you may want to reconsider this fairly basic blog. It is not about the person not being able to do something; it is more about what is being required of them and are they the best to et it done.

Workers who possess task-oriented skills and lack people skills are valuable for data, records, and being invited to meetings to relay statistics, process, progress, the pros and cons of the business, etc. They are extremely valuable! Those who are people-oriented should be managing the communication, perhaps the face-to-face trainings (HR), and also be invited to meetings to provide their input on the working rapport, observations, the synergy within the business and the customers. They also are extremely valuable to an organization.

Shifting just a little..., which one are you? What areas in your position do you tend to struggle with? Does it require more task-oriented skills or more people-oriented skills? What are the key components of your position that you most love or have a passion for? This may prompt the 'ah ha' moment. Great! I wanted to keep it real and move you to be more aware of yourself as well as identifying your natural skills and abilities.  Keep it real readers!

Without assuming that everyone who reads this blog understands what personality characteristic should be in what position, consider the major scope of the position and visualize the type of person who would fit perfectly. Imagine the flow of the position and all that the person will be able to manage. Let's be real, none of us like to be on a phone with a customer service rep. and the worker sounds more concerned about the business' policies, than you. Empathy, patience and the ability to 'listen' makes all the difference in resolving a problem. Customer service positions should hold the focus on the job title..." 'customer and 'service' ". Putting a task-oriented person who does not possess strong people skills in a position that requires strong communication and listening skills will definitely generate complaints and perhaps the loss of customers.

This blog to keep it real is a wake-up call for businesses, schools, and churches. "Keeping it real" means that it is time to get back to basics. There seems to be an unfortunate trend of people losing their natural skills to fit into positions that were not meant for them. Too often businesses, schools and even churches are focusing on the 'task' and not the 'people' Be careful and do not fall into the trap of not considering what a job really requires. 

Until next month...Just keep it real...!

The Spiritual Surgeon

August 2021


The information located on “From the Desk of...” was prepared by the creator and author of the web page and the owner of Awakening Academy & Learning Center. The blogs are based on personal opinions, thoughts and experiences, and are not a reflection of any third party’s views or opinions. The purpose of “From the Desk of...” is to share and, hopefully, educate. It should not be considered as a directive or an order.