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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

A 4-Tier corporation created to "awaken" your God-given talents:

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"So… Who are you listening to???"

September, 2021

Have you ever taken the time to consider where your beliefs come from, or your perceptions or even your habits? If you have never thought about this... your life experiences, what you were taught to think and do during your childhood, and how you perceive situations that occurred to you... all make up concepts that you listen to. They are all stored up in your brain.

But this blog is about those many 'voices' that help you to make decisions -- what to do and not to do. I will not be making this into a Bible study (although I am a quite capable and knowledgeable teacher!), but I did want to make this point. Consider this scenario in Genesis 3:1-7. Take the time to read it and consider its significance. Now consider the question in the blog's title: "Who are you listening to"? God asked Adam: "Who told you that you were naked?" in verse 11.

No doubt, influences can come from internal sources as well as external sources. Some of them could be true, some of them not so true. Some of them can come from reputable sources, and some from questionable resources. Some of them lead to positive outcomes, and some of them can cause devastation. Take the time to consider some outcomes that were not so positive. Thinking about one that was fairly recent would probably be better than thinking about one from the past.

• What was the "it" that you ended up doing?

• Try to identify the 'voice'... What was it saying?

• What was the source of that 'voice'? (e.g., your own thoughts, or influences from someone else prompting you to do whatever it was?)

• Try to remember if there was anything in you that was fighting the temptation to listen to that 'voice'.

Write down the above questions. Spend time in them, giving it some serious thought. Really allow yourself the time to reflect on this.

Gaining a better understanding of what or who you are listening to has value and is important. Identifying this, especially when you realize you often make 'not-so-great decisions', will provide you with information and that information will help you develop better critical-thinking skills, problem-solving skills, and will even help you in your communication skills with other. What also may be present in understanding what and who you are listening to, is self-discipline and self-control -- understanding will give you room to manage those 'voices' better.

As a psychologist, I, the Spiritual Surgeon, have gained much knowledge in my career, especially with understanding people and information that is often hidden deep within our souls. Spending time with thought-provoking, self-assessment reflection is important to practice daily. Looking at your day and taking a few minutes (in all sincerity, it does not require a long period of time to look back at your actions for the day). To do this can be life changing, especially if you were heading down a 'lack-of-control' road. Looking at your day is just the task that will slow you down long enough for you to consider the things you did and said during that day and, more importantly, identify the 'voice' you may have been listening to.

Identifying what is hidden is difficult to detect, but a trained eye, just like an x-ray machine, can detect what may lie at the core of bad habits, lack of self-control, poor relationships, and self-defeating thoughts. You no doubt recognize these within yourselves, but what influences them may not be known. This blog should help you know which direction to go to learn about and recognize what influences you.

Consider how this topic relates to you -- chew on it and digest it.

Until next month... consider who and what you listen to!

God bless you!

The Spiritual (brain and heart) Surgeon