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July 2022

Where should I begin to discuss the importance of creating and continuing to make personal daily checklists at the end of every day?

What are daily checklists?

Daily checklists are lists that you create yourself and you are listing only what is important to you. Daily checklists are lists of the day’s events that are significant and noteworthy to you; they represent what you want to pay attention to in your future.

Daily checklists be written in a ledger format or can be simple bulleted lists, they are “checklists” -- paragraph format is not permitted!

Daily checklists are created as a very easy tool for you to refer back to -- daily and when needed. Daily checklists serves as a form of “self-evaluation”. You determine how well you did and the grade you give yourself (if you want to give yourself a grade) will serve as a way to determine if you have mastered situations like this, whether you need to continue to work on it, and/or whether you need to begin working on this!

How do I create daily checklists?

At the end of every day, we all had challenges, triumphs, and/or layovers.

Challenges are situations that cause us to react -- mostly not in a positive way. This needs to be included in the daily checklist. Determining what the situation was and how well you handled those challenges are noteworthy. This should be included in your checklist.

Triumphs are those situations that you know you responded to and handled productively and effectively. Absolutely, include this in your daily checklist. It is an accomplishment, and it is something you want to recognize produces positive results for not only yourself but for others as well, therefore, you want to repeat what you did to continue getting favorable results.

Layovers are those situations that you recognize you need to revisit and rehearse. They are situations where you feel that you were not successful in handling them, and you realize that you have no idea what to do to bring a positive resolution to. These are question marks, so to speak, that you need to find answers to. They are the situations you need to learn how to handle.

What are the steps to creating daily checklists?

Creating daily checklists is extremely easy. What it requires of YOU, however, may not be so easy. Um..... I cannot neglect this important comment because I already know you probably will not willingly eat, chew and digest it. If the act of creating a daily checklist seems difficult or unnecessary, it means that you are in more need of creating checklists that you realize!  If that hurt, just say “ooch”... and stay in this blog.

If you continue reading... EXCELLENT! This will serve as a perfect lead in on the steps to take and you will be able to see why daily checklists are important. Put at the top of your paper the day and date (Sunday, January 1, 2022)

Step 1: Simply list the situation. Example: I was told something that I did not like or did not agree with. (Be specific). The Spiritual Surgeon said that I need to do daily checklists.

Step 2: Identify your reaction. Example: I thought “she has her nerve” or “she does not know how wrong she is”. I felt “insulted, defensive, angry”. I wanted to “stop reading” or “I talked back to my computer”... These are simple, short statements that do not need any interpretation! They are easy to work with.

Step 3: Identify your response to your reaction. Be honest with yourself. Example: You may have told yourself that you were not going to read anymore blogs from the Spiritual Surgeon. Or, you may have conducted a quick self-evaluation by realizing that the statement had some truth in it. Write this down! If you are able to be honest with yourself, even when you don’t like what you see, this is outstanding.

Keep it simple this month readers. If you are consistent with these steps, you are well on your way. Creating daily checklists is a process that has a beginning but has no ending. Once you begin to create daily checklists and develop this habit, it will become an automatic task.

Until next month..... take three steps forward.....

The Spiritual Surgeon


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