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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

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“Division, Differences and Disputes..."

October 2021

If you are a person that listens to the news occasionally, you may have noticed that announcers seem to bombard us with stories about differences in people, divisions between people, and disputes among people. For example, we are used to hearing about the democrats and the republicans and the disputes between the two. We also often hear about disputes between cultures, ethnicity, and lifestyle differences.

Looking at the word ‘division’ from a mathematical perspective, division works against a whole, so to speak. In other words, division splits a whole into smaller pieces. What does this mean from a human perspective or even a relationship perspective? It means that if there is division between two people or groups of people, then there is no agreement. No agreement could lead to those people not working together to reach a common or mutual goal. Division causes instability in personal relationships and in professional relationships.

Differences, on the other hand, provides a little more hope than division. Differences are easy to detect, they are obvious, known and can be accepted, even in the midst of the difference. In order for differences to be successfully processed, the communication level of those who have differences must already be established. There must also be mutual respect. When differences are detected, it leaves room for negotiations and solutions.

This is a short blog, but a very necessary one. Take the time to look at the disputes you find yourself in. Take the time to consider what caused the dispute. You will recognize that either division or differences (even differences of opinions) may be at the core of the dispute. What is equally important to remember is that both are easy to rectify and resolve whatever the problem may be. Allow yourself the permission to:

(1) stop, even if you are in the midst of being divided, a disagreement or a dispute, and consider your point of view and the other person's point of view

(2) take a deep breath

(3) remind yourself that it is never about who is right or wrong (remember, everyone has the right to opinions)

(4) look at the division, differences, or disputes right between the eyes.

(5) Asking yourself the question: "Is this really necessary?" is an excellent way to put the brakes of escalating the issue.

(6) Agree to discuss this at another time. It will give you more time to assess what the problem really is without the presence of personality differences, emotional highs or debating simply to get your point across. In the scheme of things, getting our point across really serves no purpose except for self-gratification.

Until next month... avoid divisions, disagreements, and disputes

The Spiritual Surgeon


The information located on “From the Desk of...” was prepared by the creator and author of the web page and the owner of Awakening Academy & Learning Center. The blogs are based on personal opinions, thoughts and experiences, and are not a reflection of any third party’s views or opinions. The purpose of “From the Desk of...” is to share and, hopefully, educate. It should not be considered as a directive or an order.