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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

A 4-Tier corporation created to "awaken" your God-given talents:

Spiritual , educational, vocational and personal services for individuals,

families, corporations, schools and churches. We are your private coach to

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April, 2022

Last month we looked at leadership from a follower's perspective. Now we are going to look at leadership from the leader's perspective. But first, let's review what you learned about yourself as a follower.

• Did you identify someone that you follow? That leader could be an employer, a church leader, your parents, etc.

• How would you describe yourself as a follower?

• What would you say your strength lies as a follower?

• What have you learned about the role of a follower? It's benefits, it's value.

The process of looking at yourself as a follower may not seem significant, but it is. Whatever your position is as a follower will help you see the type of leader you will be. Think about words like :

       respectful/disrespectful       patient/impatient              forgiving/unforgiving

       willingness/combative         submissive/resistant         supportive/defiant

       honest/dishonest                  reasonable/demanding    spontaneous/ procrastinator

There are many terms that could be added to this list. This was just a start.

In order to consider yourself as a good leader, you must understand the lesson of being a good follower. Yep!... I encourage you to stop to consider that sentence. What have you learned about yourself by being a follower? (Um... don't forget that the word honest is listed above! -- I hope I got a smile from you!).

If you never considered this, please understand and know that leadership requires standards, and leaders are accountable by submitting to and exercising them. There is no turning back once you become a leader. The only way out is to quit, and leaders do NOT quit!

• Leadership is not about a title or a position of status. Leadership is a mindset.

• Leadership is having a strong sense of identity.

• Leadership is the ability to look beyond themselves to others and situations.

• Leaders should be able to recognize all types of warning signals -- those internal ones (that warns you that you are getting close to losing your temper) as well as those external ones (that warns you that something is off (another person issue or a task-related issue).

• Leaders must be insightful and wise.

• Leaders are able to look towards a bigger picture, not just the here and now.

• Leadership has nothing to do with personal feelings, likes and dislikes.

Let's discuss this last point. Personality traits must be kept to a bare minimal while in leadership. If personal opinions, likes, dislikes, preferences are dominant while in the leadership role, these traits are actually leading, not you. If you attempt to lead this way, then you are keeping yourself from being an effective leader. Therefore...

• A leader must be open-minded, reflective, and a good listener.

• A leader is able to recognize their true self (self-awareness).

• A leader has self-control.

The self-awareness is a must in order for self-control to work. A leader does not have to be perfect, but in order to be a good leader, a person must understand his or her strengths, weaknesses, the skills that are present, and the skills are lacking.


• A good leader will recognize that followers help to make things whole and complete!

• Leaders know how to look at the potential of their followers.

• Leaders recognize the importance of developing relationships with their followers.

• Leaders can identify strengths and limitations, not only in themselves, but in others.

• a good leader surrounds themselves with good followers. (It is followers who make leaders look good).

• Good leaders have assessed the work that needs to be done, who can best handle the job, and invite and encourage others the opportunity to lead.

• A good leader knows exactly where they are going (outcome or goal), why (purpose) and how (plans) to get there.

• Leaders are able to provide reasonable, reachable, and measurable goals for their followers.

• Leaders are able to look beyond the present and see into the future.

• A good leader knows how to write a vision so that anyone can read it and follow it... (Habakkuk 2:2).

I encourage you to keep this list. It will serve as a great self-evaluation tool. You want to get into the habit of doing a self-evaluation at the end of every day to determine how well you did as a follower and as a leader.

Until next month.....remind yourself: leadership must be guided by LOVE for others!

The Spiritual Surgeon


The information located on “From the Desk of...” was prepared by the creator and author of the web page and the owner of Awakening Academy & Learning Center. The blogs are based on personal opinions, thoughts and experiences, and are not a reflection of any third party’s views or opinions. The purpose of “From the Desk of...” is to share and, hopefully, educate. It should not be considered as a directive or an order.