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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

A 4-Tier corporation created to "awaken" your God-given talents:

Spiritual , educational, vocational and personal services for individuals,

families, corporations, schools and churches. We are your private coach to

develop skills, self-esteem, creativity. We offer trainings, workshops, etc.


January 2023


I will focus on marriages throughout this new 2023 year. Although I do not quite know the direction I will go, I do know the purpose.

It is time for everyone to take stock of their lives and work on getting their lives in order, including me. Too often people move fast, try to navigate through the demands of their days, make promises without assessing whether they are reachable, and squeeze 36 hours of demands into a 24-hour period. IT WILL NEVER WORK!

IT IS TIME TO ........S T O P !

IT IS TIME TO .........S T O P !


Whatever you commit yourself to, you are married to it. You are married to:

  •  Your Spouse
  •  Your children
  •  Your job
  •  The school you attend
  •  the clubs you are affiliated with
  •  Your relationships...

Marriage involves commitment. It is a form of covenant. With that covenant, you not only thought the words “I DO”, but you spoke it. If you signed a document in agreement with any conditions or exchanges, you wrote the words: “I DO” when you signed it.

Here is your assignment for now.

Seriously identify every “I DO” you made in 2022. This means put forth effort to look at:

1. what you agreed to do in your marriage (to your spouse or your significant other) (e.g., visiting relatives, vacationing, other promises made, etc.)

2. what you agreed to do for your children (you can take a shortcut with this one. Just think of all the comments your children fuss at you about. The sentence may start with “but you said...” or “you promised...”)!

3. what you agreed to do for your job (special projects, trainings, traveling, etc.)

4. what you said “I DO” to church activities, gyms, organizations, recreation, friends, etc.

5. what you said “I DO” to yourself (a/k/a promises you said to you)!

Prepare an informal list of every “I DO” you spoke or wrote.

Simply start jotting them down. Use a separate page for each: marriage, each child, a page for work, and a page for each club (one for church, one for gym, volunteer commitments, friends, family, etc.). From some of the smallest ones to larger ones.

I am well aware that you will not remember them all, but the important thing is that you start. Put forth the effort to ask yourself what you said “I DO” to in 2022. Or, if you remember some “I DO” that you spoke previous years, yes, you can include them in your list.

I am also aware that this sounds tedious, but you have 24 hours in a day like everyone else. If “thinking” is actually too overwhelming for you, then I rest my case! You have said “I DO” to too many things, and you are seeing that you have left yourself no room to do something as trivial as “think”.

Until next month, try not to make too many “I DO” promises this month!

The Spiritual Surgeon


The information located on “From the Desk of...” was prepared by the creator and author of the web page and the owner of Awakening Academy & Learning Center. The blogs are based on personal opinions, thoughts, and experiences, and are not a reflection of any third party’s views or opinions. The purpose of “From the Desk of...” is to share and, hopefully, educate. It should not be considered as a directive or an order.