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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

A 4-Tier corporation created to "awaken" your God-given talents:

Spiritual , educational, vocational and personal services for individuals,

families, corporations, schools and churches. We are your private coach to

develop skills, self-esteem, creativity. We offer trainings, workshops, etc.

Who We Are

Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. is a 4-tier corporation that was established to provide comprehensive and inclusive services for children and adults and all the needs of individuals, churches and corporations. Our name represents the 4-tier level:

     Academically                Creatively                     Spiritually                   Socially

    Emotionally                  Intellectually                Vocationally              Psychologically

We are an academy of educational standards and creative learning based on a "learning-outside-the-box" philosophy and a "getting-back-to-basics" learning environment that puts fun back into learning. Our goal is to offer services to students, both young and old, to reach their full potential in their skills, their self-awareness and their self-motivation. 

Awakening Academy and Learning Center, Inc. embraces individuality and uniqueness in the learning environment by:

     (1) utilizing the concept of multiple intelligence in the learning environment,

    (2) providing bite-size lessons and learning activities in the learning environment that

       meets the learner exactly where their learning level is,

   (3) incorporating creative thinking skills, critical thinking skills, and problem-solving

        skills in its lessons,

  (4) developing autonomy, mature-mindedness, and entrepreneur-mindedness for every

         learner both young and old, and

   (5) employing Biblical and psychological concepts to meet every students’ needs, no

        matter the age.

Where We Are

Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. can be found in Isaiah 50:4: "The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned [the disciplined], that I should know how to speak a word in season to him who is weary. He awakens me morning by morning; He awakens my ear to hear as the learned [the disciplined].  

Based on our Vision and Mission Statements, Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. can also be found in: Jeremiah 1:10, 18:7, 31:28 and 24:6 and Ecclesiastes 3:1-3. We want to:

  • break down the walls of ignorance,
  • root out falsely-learned information,
  • pluck up deceptions and lies that education and learning cannot be fun,
  • pull down the strongholds in people’s thinking,
  • throw down deep-rooted insecurities and low esteem,
  • destroy all that was set up to keep people bound, impoverished and imprisoned in their thinking and in their doing.

We are called to:

plant good and Godly seeds in every person so that they develop creatively, academically, physically, vocationally, socially and spiritually in order to build on the talents that God created and predestined them to have.

This is the season to speak a word to all who are weary.

It is the time for the Spirit of God to be ‘awakened’.

We have been called by God to do what we do because we care about you!

About Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc.

Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. was founded in 2008 after Lynne Marie, a Christian Counselor, sought God for answers as she observed how students (pre-teens, teenagers and adults) struggled academically because they lacked the necessary foundation for them to be successful as students (and in life). She witnessed and experienced first-hand (as a Professor at a college and as a grandparent), that children and adults were missing the necessary information, understanding of and knowledge on how to apply "basic" learning principles and concepts. The passion she had to see all students (young or old) be successful, burned on the inside of her and she knew she had to develop better methods while teaching. In 2009 she filed with the state of Maryland to become a corporation, and in 2010 she began implementing classes and personal-development workshops once a month at the local public libraries.  

Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. got its name from Isaiah 50:4, a scripture that God said that Lynne Marie resembles because she has the heart and the expertise to help others develop personally, academically, vocationally and spiritually. God showed Lynne Marie that He has given her the "tongue of the learned" and an assignment to go out and teach, counsel and train others with a "getting-back-to-basic' philosophy.

As a result, this corporation implements a unique combination of creative, hands-on experiential learning, critical thinking skills, self-esteem building, development of autonomy, and cognitive stimulation in its services. All of these characteristics are vital elements for long-term learning and for developing maturity and self-worth.

The current goal for Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. is to be financial secure in order to obtain land and find a permanent home for the Center. We hope to develop professional relationships with sponsoring churches, businesses and other corporations as well, and to utilize available resources that will help Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc. become a full-time, high-enrollment, comprehensive academy, and a skill-building learning and counseling center for all of God's children both young and old. 

About the Founder and President

Having received a Master's of Science Degree in Marital and Family Therapy and having completed her curriculum course work towards earning her Ph.D. in Counseling Psychology, Lynne Marie, also known as the Spiritual Surgeon, is an expert in human development. She understands age-appropriate behaviors, therefore she knows how to incorporate not only age-appropriate standards and expectations in a learning environment, but she strives to provide unique yet valuable information to parents and educators about age-appropriate expectations, age-appropriate discipline tools, and age-appropriate rules for children of all ages.   

God said that Lynne Marie has the heart and the expertise to help others develop personally, academically, vocationally and spiritually. God showed Lynne Marie that He has given her the "tongue of the learned" and an assignment to go out and teach, counsel and train others with a "getting-back-to-basic' philosophy. He also gave her the name as being a "Spiritual Surgeon" because she has the wisdom, education and sensitivity to conduct surgery on those very areas that need cutting out in a person's soul, and she does it with the Heart of God and from the love that God has for all His children, both young and old. 

Lynne Marie has a passion for building healthy relationships within corporations, churches and families. Therefore, she incorporates and utilizes a variety of different techniques to train and teach on relationship building, communication and education.   

She understands the various different ways in which we function and the diverse ways in which we learn and grow. She utilizes her teaching experience, human development expertise, and spiritual wisdom in all she puts her hands on the plow to accomplish in all and learning environments. She is committed to the personal growth of everyone -- in corporate businesses, in churches, in families and in individuals who strives to be the best that they can be. Her desire is for God to complete the good works that He started on the inside of her.

About Awakening Academy & Learning Center, Inc.

We welcome the opportunity to earn your trust and to provide you with the highest and the best level of education and counseling services possible. For More Information, write us at: