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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

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August 2022

As I was pondering over what to share for this month, I mentioned to my grandson my dilemma. He immediately said “patience”. This is for you Josh...smooches!

There is much to say about patience.

First, never think that you do not need patience. Situations that you face, expectedly or unexpectedly will always require you to exercise patience. This brings me to those situations....

Second, patience takes place now. For it is now that you need patience to get you through any situation that you are facing...N O W. You cannot think patience will come as if it is not there with you now. You’ve got it now!

Third, patience is in your power. It is not difficult to have patience when you recognize the elements that patience possesses. Patience, although it is a concept, needs you to acknowledge and remember that it is here with you now that means it is in your power now! Call on it N O W.

Fourth, never see yourself as not having patience. This is a major roadblock to you having and exercising patience. One element to patience is that it is a mindset. This reminds me of an expression that I read somewhere years ago:

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your lifestyle

You must think that patience is here now; you will find yourself speaking that you have patience, and this will lead to walking in patience. Patience becomes who you are. It starts in your thinking.

Patience with People

I am sure that everyone who reads this blog has experienced impatience. There are some people who seem to know exactly what button to push that causes emotional flareups. May I inform you that it is NOT the person who pushed that button. As I know that already you are attempting to dismiss what I said by telling me of everyone in your past and present who has done something or said something to you and you want to convince me that people are the cause of your impatience. So right now, my response to you: “hush up, do not react, and let me finish! Take a deep breath, say “OK” and keep reading”.

I am well aware that it is either a person (what they said or did) that is present, or it is an actual situation, (like a car not starting), that challenges you with how to react: either with patience or with impatience. Good, now that you read this far, I have your attention.

There is power when you gain an understanding that patience has nothing to do with other people. Patience has to do with you and only you, no matter what a person has said or what a person did to you. The sooner you get your eyes and attention off of the person, the more you will realize that patience is easy to possess and it is with you always.

Process of Patience

Emotionally: something was said or done, which means it triggered some kind of emotion.


Mentally: Whatever was said or done, your thoughts caused you to look at the person and what they said or did. The process has begun in your brain...and the process is gaining momentum. Impatience is knocking, waiting for you to invite it in the situation.

Physically: you are ready to respond and react with patience or impatience. All this happens in a matter of seconds.

To recognize how easy it is to exercise patience:

First, remove the person as if they did not have a role in the process.

Second, identify that patience is right there!

Third, ask yourself: “What is the IT?” What was "IT" that was said? What was "IT" that was done?

Now, hit pause emotionally and mentally and on your computer. Reread what you just read. Consider a recent situation where you felt impatience was with you. Remove the person who was involved and focus on what was said and/or what was done.

Patience is Personal

If you continue to identify patience in this manner, you will continue to recognize the face of your impatience and what the "IT" is that causes that button to be pushed. I think you get the picture. The more you remove the person in the situation, you will be able to recognize the "IT", the button, and the triggers of what is going on inside you. You will also begin to identify what those buttons represent. It is the button that you should put your attention on. Where you may believe that you need to manage patience towards others and/or situations, it is more about you learning how to manage those buttons and making sure it does not get pushed. You will find patience right there...

Your thoughts become your words

Your words become your actions

Your actions become your habits

Your habits become your lifestyle

Until next month, do not let that button to be pushed; remind yourself that you have patience!

The Spiritual Surgeon


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