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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

A 4-Tier corporation created to "awaken" your God-given talents:

Spiritual , educational, vocational and personal services for individuals,

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Personal and Professional Primary Principles -- Passing the Test

Individually, we all experience certain tests that we must take in life. The most common are the tests that are required in a formal learning setting. The least obvious are the tests we take every day (those life decisions... which starts off with decisions that must be made: ‘should I or should I not?...”) The personal (and professional) mental tests is what this blog is referring to.

I will start this blog from the conclusion or the answers to the test and work my way backwards.

Your business, no matter what is being sold or what is being serviced, must always end with the foundational purpose: PEOPLE! Even if your driving energy is in technology or technological programming, people are involved, and people will be using what your business is promoting. So the concluding comment to help you consider what you are building in your business so that you can always pass those mental, decision-making tests is incorporating this expression in every step of your professional (and personal) walk: "People must always take precedence over policy, practices, protocol, processes and procedures".

From a business perspective, all or most businesses have a mission and a vision and has established objectives to reach the vision and incorporated steps towards the mission. These components should have been set to include taking care of the needs of people. If you have a business, take out your mission and vision statements and the objectives. If you do not have a business and are planning on establishing one, GREAT. This blog will help. If you are not a business owner visionary, you can consider the company you work for, or if you are a parent, what you have incorporated to be your parenting perspective. This lesson is for everyone!

Now.... Let us look at all of these "P" words.


God created the man and the woman. God is concerned for every living person above anything else. We were created in His image, machines were not, other living things were not. Your business, therefore, must be totally built on this basic foundation... people must come first (employees and customers). This must be at the core. If you have employees, they are people. If you want to sell a product, you are selling the product to people, if you are providing a service, you are servicing people. Um... now let us flip that statement. If you do not consider the people you are selling your product to, your business will fail. If you are not considering the people you want to serve, your business will fail. Did you get the picture?


Precedence refers to priority, primary, preference, superiority. Need I say more? People and only people should take precedence in anything your plan or prepare. Revisit the rules or procedures, or even the policies of your business and/or your household. Is there anything in them that violates the rights of others? Is there anything in them that places the policies above the person or people? This may not be as easy as it sounds to answer. This may take some serious examining and dissecting what has already been established. There may be some hidden traces of injustice, discrimination and/or disregard the people associated to you. I encourage you to put a bookmark right here so that you can really ponder over what you have established and whether the people actually have precedence. You may surprise yourself! At least now you are made aware of the changes that you may need to make, and more importantly, WHY you need to make them! Smile, say “thank you”, take a deep breath, and continue moving forward! You just saved yourself from a possible disaster that was waiting to happen!


The hardest part is over. Acknowledging and recognizing that the needs of people must take precedence is a very difficult task to undertake, especially if you are a business owner and/or a parent. Often, policies are established based on past learning (whether they were painful lessons or not) and past trainings (whether they were people-oriented or not). We often do not take the time to consider what past influences have infiltrated our concepts and our decisions. Based on this, policies are often established that do not consider the needs and/or the rights of others. They are often set in motion based on the outcome or goals of the service, product or even the disciplining of a child. Policy refers to the rules, strategy or plans that were put in place for other people to abide by. Or... can I type “must” abide by. Yes... another bookmark moment! Take the time to consider what policies have been put in place and whether or not they violate others (whether they are customers, employees, children or even your spouse!). Have fun!


Protocol refers to etiquette and code of behavior. When you become more “people-minded” and not led astray by ambition or outcome-driven motives, your concept of etiquette will probably change. Another way of looking at the word “etiquette” is to determine what may be the ‘politest’ way of doing things. Being culturally-sensitive is a term that is common in our society today. But the term reflects how to treat people who are not of your ethnicity, culture, or even gender. The protocol/practices that is being introduced in this section refers to establishing people-mindedness in etiquette. Simply stated: BE POLITE! At all times, in every situation, and with everyone! Make that your goal, your vision, your mission; let that be your ‘code of behavior’ so that you will receive favorable results. Make this your protocol; protocol is set by you, no one else!

Practices refers to what is being observed or being applied. In some ways, it can be interpreted as performance. Not only must you be aware of your mindset, but the protocol and practices that are set in place must also be considered. Although a person may say that this is the right thing to do (for others), the question is if they are behaving, applying and performing the best practices towards this. There should be a plateful of questions that you should ask yourself, especially if you are recognizing that changes are necessary for you to make if you want to function in people-mindedness -- personally and professionally. Examine the etiquette, code of behavior and protocol you exhibit; examine your performance, what you observe from your behaviors and what you apply daily in your relationship with others. As always, bookmark this page and return to it (not necessarily sooner than later)!


Last, we will consider the process and the procedures that you have already been functioning in. These often must be revised and modified as well, especially now that you are more people minded. After spending a few weeks on all of these “P” words, hopefully you are looking at your own personal and professional principles from a different perspective. Yes, this is a process and yes, they do include procedures. Let what you have just experienced from this blog to be an established principle for you in making changes in your personal and professional life. The process that should always be considered is ‘self-examination’. As a college professor, I always embraced the idea of my students evaluating me personally and professionally. The college did not practice this in general, but it is a must. As a parent, have you ever considered how valuable it would be for you to have your children evaluate you as a parent? Um..... you never thought of that have you?!? (Maybe I will prepare a blog on this topic. It may be interesting!)

Learning is a process that stands alone. Incorporating procedures for reflection, evaluation, measurements, etc. is valuable information that can carry you to being successful or not successful. Never be afraid to set aside time to look at the process you have established and the procedures you have incorporated. How well are you dealing with others? How well are you managing situations? What increments are you walking in that will help you reach the mission and the vision? What course of direction may need to be altered? How well have you passed some of the trials you encountered?

Questions, reflections, and evaluations should always be a major part in the process. They reflect a process that is necessary for development and growth. Using them regularly (not necessarily daily), but perhaps quarterly, bi-annually, or even annually, is very beneficial and advantageous. The length of time is not as important as incorporating a process of examining and looking at what the procedures are generating. Always be willing to look for what may not be easily seen. Always be willing to look for what you may not want to know! Always be willing to shift and modify what you are doing in order to assure that "People are always taking precedence over policy, practices, protocol, processes and procedures".

Until next month... be sure to establish your personal and professional principles so that you can pass all tests!

From the Desk of... “The Spiritual Surgeon”

July 2021


The information located on “From the Desk of...” was prepared by the creator and author of the web page and the owner of Awakening Academy & Learning Center. The blogs are based on personal opinions, thoughts and experiences, and are not a reflection of any third party’s views or opinions. The purpose of “From the Desk of...” is to share and, hopefully, educate. It should not be considered as a directive or an order.