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Awakening Academy & Learning Center

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June 2022

I am realizing that the behaviors of throwing stones and finger pointing really bothers me and this is why this blog.

Although I have never disclosed my belief in God in my blogs, some of you who have been reading them may have detected undertones of Biblical principles and messages to do good to others. This blog, however, I feel compelled to introduce two scriptures from the Bible.

First, the behavior of throwing stones at another person (like “throwing them under the bus”), I must ask you about those stones that are being thrown:

• What purpose does it make?

• What benefit does it serve?

• What type of results will it produce?

• What problem does it resolve?

Second, the behavior and the action of pointing fingers is in the same category of throwing stones. Pointing fingers or blaming someone for something has strong implications. It accuses, often without pure evidence. Yet, we see this behavior on TV, in the communities, families and workplaces. It is easier to point a finger and blame, then it is to be still and be quiet.

If you have been reading my blogs, you are aware that I always direct you to take the time to consider what you just read and to ponder and reflect over the message. In this instance, ponder and reflect on these two points.

Why has this topic been bothering me so much? Because I am seeing it way too much! It is the theme of the political appeals in commercials. I have had to shake my head at these tactics (throwing stones and pointing fingers) that ends with candidate stating that they “approve of this message”. What makes this approach so very, very damaging is that their messages never reveal their “good”. They are so focused on what the other candidate does that is not good, they end up not making themselves look good.

First, if you are without sin, throw the stone at another person (the Gospel of John 8:8). Jesus witnessed a mob who wanted to stone a woman caught in adultery. His statement was simple and to the point. None of us are perfect, therefore, none of us should be quick to throw stones at anyone.

Second, read and reflect on Genesis 3:9-13. Then ask yourself:

  • What did Adam gain or learn or benefit from since he pointed his finger (blamed) Eve for what he, himself, did?
  • What did Eve gain or learn or benefit from since she pointed her finger (blamed) at the serpent for what she, herself did?

• If you have ever thrown stones at someone else, STOP IT! You would do much better dropping the stone and walking away (this does not necessarily mean the physical walking away -- it refers to emotionally and mentally walking away). This means that you are willing to recognize that you also do wrong at times.

• If you have ever pointed your finger or blamed someone else, STOP IT! Instead, you would do much better pointing the finger at yourself. This means that you are willing to recognize that there is a behavior that you could work to improve and take ownership of yourself, STOP IT!

• All you politicians who approve messages that throw stones and point fingers at another politician, STOP IT! You are NOT permitted to throw any stones because you are NOT without sin!

I am the Spiritual Surgeon and I approved this message.


The information located on “From the Desk of...” was prepared by the creator and author of the web page and the owner of Awakening Academy & Learning Center. The blogs are based on personal opinions, thoughts and experiences, and are not a reflection of any third party’s views or opinions. The purpose of “From the Desk of...” is to share and, hopefully, educate. It should not be considered as a directive or an order.